This Half-Week in History, April 28-May 1

April 28, 1945.  The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini is executed.  Despite his regime being recognized by King Umberto I, the Allied conquest of Italy at the end of the Second World War brought about his death.  Despite dreams of a modern Roman Empire, Mussolini was crippled by the incompetence of the Italian Army, and by […]

This Half Week in History, April 24-27

April 24, 1184 BC.  The traditional date for the Greek entrance into Troy on the infamous Trojan Horse.  The Greeks planted a huge horse outside of the gates of Troy, which they were besieged, with men inside the horse.  The Trojans foolishly let the horse in, allowing the Greeks to capture the city.  Monty Python […]

This Half-Week in History, April 20-23

This is going to be the Asian (or partly Asian) edition.  Someone has pointed out to me how Euro-centric most of the events are.  Unfortunately, most “This Day in History” websites are also very Euro-centric.  But I will try to do my best. April 20, 1965.  The Communist government of China offers North Vietnam aid […]

The Most Influential People in History

Although this will be brief, I will give you my view of who the five most influential people in history are.  By influential I mean that they affected a large number of people over a long period of time. 1.  Hammurabi The Babylonian Empire that Hammurabi created was in many ways the first of the […]

This Half Week in History, April 16-19

Sorry this is a bit late.  The images now work! April 16, 1632.  Albrecht von Wallenstein becomes the supreme commander of the Imperial forces during the Thirty Year’s War.  The war involved the French-sponsored Swedish invasion of Germany under Gustavus Adolphus in one of the most successful military campaigns.  Eventually however, Gustavus is killed in […]